Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just some green fuzz

Over the last week we have had over 12 inches of rainfall. That's not even the official amount which is somewhat higher I am sure - that is just my little son's rain meter measurement. His little measurer is only 4 inches high and he had to empty it three times. The rain is not so bad even when the street in front of my house becomes a river, and the backyard becomes a river/lake. In fact I like rain, even hard torrential rain but...

Here are my issues:

1) that my kids keep escaping from the house to swim in the storm surge (AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!) Visions of typhoid fever, and other horrible diseases and parasitic infestations play in my mind. What make this even more disgusting is the fact that most of the country uses the toiletry system designed in the dark ages: The Outhouse. Yummmy! Not only do we get the runoff from all the neighbors' dog poo, but we also get all of their poo too! Every night I check the kids for fever, make them take antibiotics as a precautionary measure and pray!

2) The river/lake in my back yard has now become a stagnant cesspool with a lovely green fuzz growing all in it and making a scummy surface on the top of the water. I am sure in a few days all the mosquito larvae will emerge in their adult form to feast on us and give us all Dengue and Malaria! The other challenge with the back yard being a stagnant lake of filth and algae is that I do not own a clothes drier so I have to make several trips daily through the muck to the clothes line to hang and bring in the many loads of laundry our family generates!

I am back to the thoughts of parasitic infestations and typhoid...needless to say every time I have to venture out I soak my feet in disinfectant the minute I am back in the house. My husband finds this amusing - I might too someday. For now I am just battling germs, parasites, and the green fuzz. I can't wait for a couple days of sun to bring out the stench!!!

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