Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hey Baby

Recently I was driving down the road after having dropped off teenagers at a church youth activity and was extremely surprised to hear a "Hey Baby!" flung my direction. At first I looked around to see if it was really me they were talking to. Must have been, unless they were talking to the dog who was licking himself!

Here I am: whiter than paper, overweight, puffy eyes, and having the mother of bad hair days. Were they really serious or just teasing - what did they think they were gonna get out of saying that???? Either way, it annoyed me that I was the butt of their joke and they were being rude.

As soon as I realized they were talking to me, my hand did something obsene, but so quickly I just barely detected the choice taking place - it was almost so smooth and fluid that it denoted involuntary reaction. I admit I am very ashamed for having done it - can I obtain forgivness easier if they deserved it???

Now I get to feeling guilty for not just ignoring them. I made a split-second decision: a bad one. Sad, though that my only thought was: "I hope I was far enough away from the chapel that none of the youth or leaders saw that."

To quote one of my favorite country singers, Alan Jackson, "I'm a work in progress." Aren't we all. I decided from then on to be more forgiving and tolerant of others - now the real test: Will I remember the next time a "hey baby" is flung my way??? Or am I being too optimistic; have the days of my "hey baby" reached expiration? I'll keep you posted...

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  1. OK, when you were talking about the Samoan national bird, you sounded like Mom. When you touched on a different type of bird here, you sounded the OPPOSITE! YAY, for works in progress! I'm one, too!! :) Love ya!