Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Samoan National Bird

I live on a small dot in the Pacific where the national bird is supposed to be the Manumea (some sort of wild pigeon or dove or something) that is found only here. I think the government should choose a new national bird, though. I was in town shopping today fighting the crowds, rain, mud, and my nominee for the new national bird: ...drumroll please... THE MOSQUITO. Anything that stood still for more than two second had the priviledge to receive a visit from one of these blood sucking parasites. Not so unusual, I suppose, but at one point I looked down at my legs and noticed sixteen at once which didn't even flinch when I tried to shoo them away. If I kept standing there I wonder how many would have feasted on me and how many of them it would have taken before I was lifted off the ground and taken home as their prize kill.

If the government made them the national bird maybe I could get some perks for voluntarily (unknowingly voluntarily) feeding them: A nice car with the a big bumper sticker that says "Long live the mosquito" or something similarly stupid. Or maybe a year-long pass to the spa for mud bath treatments to counteract the effects of all the mosquito bites. I would even agree to be bitten if it would qualify me for decent health care - the state health care system (if it can be called a system at all) is beyond a joke to the point of being nightmarish. Come on prime minister Tuilaepa - let's be realistic and change the national bird and start receiving the perks!

Love the live the mosquito - NOT!

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  1. You are SO much like Mom, Emily! I can hear her complaining about the mosquitoes in Alaska when I read this entry!