Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Googled myself

Have many of you have googled yourselves and liked what you found?

I did it and was shocked.

I never knew public records (such as driver’s license records, telephone records, public school and university records and other such information)were so PUBLIC! I mean, they were just plastered all over the internet for any Tom, Dick or Harry to find me and find out everything they want to about me. How clueless I was. I found online basically my life history for the years I spent in Colorado. I am surprised it didn’t show a daily log of what I ate every day!!!

It is no wonder there are so many Americans and others from developed nations who scream about privacy of personal information!!!

I am so grateful that on my little rock in the Pacific they do not put public records on the internet. It’s one thing for someone to be able to look you up in a local phone book or something and something else ENTIRELY for someone in China to pull up all your info and do what he pleases with it.

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